Message from William Z. Reich, SRW Founder & Senior Partner

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In nearly forty years of practice I have resolved and helped thousands of clients in U.S. immigration border related matters. Whether you are a visitor for pleasure, a business person, corporate executive, truck driver, athlete, trying to return to your residence in the U.S., or someone whose vehicle has been seized or have had money forfeited, I have seen and handled your kind of situation.



I have often been asked by clients “to what do you attribute your success?” I answer: “Persistent advocacy.” Our firm’s experience in handling a wide range of cases, coupled with the respect and integrity that the firm receives from CBP officials nationwide, have resulted in impressive achievements over the past forty years. 

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In addition, during my extensive career, I have coached and mentored many lawyers who are practicing immigration law in our region as well as nationally.  We continue to collaborate and work together with many of these attorneys, exchanging information, so we have a greater reach when working on matters outside of our region.

While we do not shy away from challenging cases, we do not take cases that we do not think will have a reasonable chance of success. From the initial consultation you will have at least two attorneys review and explain your case to you. I will be involved personally in nearly all strategic and tactical decisions.  Our border practice team has been personally trained by me and are committed and dedicated to providing you with unparalleled service with a success rate achieved ethically by diligent advocacy.


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