Required Documents for Entry

A foreign national who is seeking admission into the U.S. is required to present:

  1. A valid passport;
  2. A valid visa issued by a U.S. Consular Official.

These above mentioned requirements do no apply however to a foreign national who is:

  1. eligible for the Visa Waiver Program;
  2. a lawful permanent resident of the U.S.;
  3. a citizen of Canada.

Canadian citizens must present a passport when entering and departing the U.S. by air. Canadian citizens returning home from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean of Bermuda, by land or sea, will be required to present one of the following travel documents:

  1. Passport;
  2. Enhanced Driver's License (EDL);
  3. Trusted Traveler Card (NEXUSSENTRI, or FAST) or Secure Certificate of Indian Status.