I-212, Application to Reapply After Removal, Approved in record time!

SRW Border Lawyers was notified last week that another I-212, Application for Permission to Reapply for Admission into the United States After Deportation or Removal, was approved! This was especially surprising due to the fact that the approval came only a month after filing the application. Recently, normal processing time for an I-212 application can take several months. 

You should file an I-212 waiver if:

  • You were removed from the U.S. as an inadmissible alien through expedited removal proceedings under INA § 235(b)(1) that were initiated when you arrived at a port of entry; or
  • You were removed from the U.S. as an inadmissible, arriving alien under INA §240; that is, removal proceedings were initiated upon your arrival at a port of entry in the U.S. (Note: the paperwork you received during your removal proceedings should indicate under which provision you were removed under); or
  • You violated the terms of a Voluntary Departure order by not timely departing the U.S.

For more information, please visit our web page on I-212 waivers under the Border Solutions drop down menu.

If you were previously removed from the U.S. and are interested in filing an I-212 waiver, please contact our office so we can discuss the details of your case. 


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