Mexican Citizen Approved for Second Re-entry Permit

LPR Since: February 2011

Reasons for Residing Abroad: Client had previously retained our firm to obtain a two-year reentry permit. As his expiration date neared, he determined that his family circumstances prevented him from returning to the U.S. as soon as he had hoped. Sadly, his father had recently passed away, and he needed to remain close to his aging mother to continue assisting her with medical needs and support her emotionally as she dealt with the loss of her husband. Additionally, our client was in the process of petitioning for his foreign spouse to immigrate with him to the U.S. As a newly married couple, they did not want to be separated during the potentially lengthy process of obtaining her immigrant visa. Our client anticipated being able to transfer back to the U.S. after these family matters were resolved.

Ties to the U.S.: U.S. bank accounts and credit cards, filing U.S. Income Tax Returns, maintaining U.S. 403K account

Approx. Adjudication time: 3 months and 8 days

Re-entry Permit Validity: 2 years

Time outside U.S.: 4-5 years

Country of Citizenship: Mexico